More of the Same

We have been doing more of the same but oh so fun summer activities. Swimming...Aunt Lu's....cooking....diaper changing. Aunt Lu had a little girls afternoon gathering this week. I'll share a few pictures...


These girls are all friends from our Monday night Bible study group. Stephen and I have been a part of this group ever since we moved to Montgomery. What a blessing they have been! We are still using diapers and wipes they surprised us with one Monday when we hosted before Stephen was born. And now he is two months old!!! Two of the couples are moving this summer and we will miss the SO much.
Stephen is lovin the pool...it feels like bath water.

Husband and baby still asleep...why am I the one that is always awake around here?!


Lynn Beck said...

The picture of you and Stephen is "to die for." I've keep having photos of him as my screen saver and that one is definitely going up now.

Love y'all.

Laura said...

LOVE girls get togethers! What a incredibly terrible picture of me! Good thing it's not about me! YIKES...i'll be at the gym if you need me

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