Thank You J.Crew

I often have said I was born in the wrong era. While I don't wish to have witnessed the Great Depression, WWII, or even live in a time without so many modern coveniences such as cell phones or dishwashers, there is something about the 1920's-1950's that intrigues me. Let me share my top 10 list of some old timey things I love...

1. bottled cokes
2. no computers
2. land lines
3. drugs stores (the kind where you can sit down and order a hamburger and a milkshake)
4. smaller furniture (as opposed to the oversized kind now made for giants that would not even fit through the front door of our 1950's built home)
5. not knowing if you are expecting a boy or girl baby
6. a less litigious society
7. fur coats (still see a lot of these in Montgomery-love them though I don't own one)
8. front porches
9. snail mail

How cute do these ladies look...running on the beach in their bathing suit! When did we steer away from this style? They all look so comfortable.

I have a special appreciation for a more modest swim suit this year since I have a post 8lb 15oz baby body. I'm still hanging on to a little tummy and I don't think it is going away anytime real soon. Also, I think enough people (medical professionals) have seen my upper upper thighs this year. They need no more exposure. It is hard to feel good in my regular clothes much less a bathing suit. When pregnant and post-pregnant, your body is just not your own. And that is exactly why I bought this bathing suit... a tankini with a skirt! Thank you J.Crew!

I've seen cocktail dresses in the Grove with less material than this.


Laura said...

SO CUTE SB! my pre-baby(unpregnant) body could use a "modest swimsuit" ...now if we could just go way back to swimming in our pettycoats i'd be in good shape!

leslie. said...

love it SB! you look great, and thanks to that cute suit, you'll feel it :) plus, tans are over-rated...baby Stephen agrees, haha!

Lynn Beck said...

Great post! And I love your tankini!!

Love you!

Bethan said...

six months later and still working on my own post-8 lb, but only 6 oz, baby body, i can relate to all of this. this is hilarious. and i love that swimmy. and i agree, those ladies DO look so happy and comfortable and unashamed just running down the beach.

Lindsay said...

haha, love it! what freedom!

Anne said...

Tasteful new swimsuit, nice color--but if you owned the suit third from the right in the picture, you might could play tennis in it,too.

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