News Worthy

I have a "news" worthy story. Baby Stephen and I were asked to make an appearance on a local news station to promote Jackson Hospital's mother/baby center. When I was first asked to do this I FREAKED OUT. I don't speak in public. I don't even like to be on a home video.

In the end, I agreed to do it. We (my boss and I) had a short interview on the 12:00 news WAKA, channel 8. Thankfully she did most of the talking. I was asked one question which I don't even remember now. I was more focused on making sure Stephen behaved....and he did. He was perfect, awake, and didn't make a peep throughout the entire 3 minute segment.

Then only people I know that saw the show were my sister and her entire 7th grade math class.
Although it took us all morning to prepare for this event and the whole afternoon to recover...it was fun.

Here's a pic I took on our way to the studio.


Lindsay said...

omgosh, a child star! You have got to find the clip online. Stephen looks excited!

LJM said...

how great! would LOVE to see the clip! baby stephen is already a super star!!

Sarah Barry Spooner said...

yes...got to start them early. we are hoping he'll buy us a cadillac when he makes his millions.

Lynn Beck said...

I would love to see you and Stephen!! I looked for the clip online but I couldn't figure out how to find it. If you locate it, please send the link.

Love you

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