Since the changing of seasons and in my cases, sizes, my closets and drawers have been out of sorts. So, yesterday I took on the chore of organizing all my clothes. I started by getting out everything and then assigned it to one of these categories....things I wear everyday, too small, fall/winter, T-shirts, and maternity.

Next, I put the things I'm not wearing into storage boxes.

These clear storage boxes are the best. It is nice to see through them so when it's 85 degrees on Thanksgiving day, you can easily find a weather appropriate outfit instead of turning your wardrobe upside down.

Then, I took on the closet. I LOVE matching hangers. It makes the closet look cleaner and its easier to find things. The ones pictured are from Target. They are thin, fuzzy, and have a nice curvy shape so it won't leave an annoying indention in your sleeve.

Moving on to t-shirts.... If you are like me you have dozens taking up all your drawer space even though you only wear a few. I took the shirts I actually wear and folded them neatly in a drawer. The rest I put in a storage box.

Making more space for real clothes and my modest bathing suit...

And look who was in the middle of it all! He got a little bored with this project towards the end.

So we rewarded ourselves with a stroll when Daddy got home.


traveledroad said...

You would die if you saw my closet and drawers. I really need to do that, I feel inspired. Stephen looks so much older- looks like himself. So adorable!

leslie. said...

SB, I want to be like you when I grow up....my closets and drawers cry when I open them. I'm also inspired :) Also, Stephen keeps getting cuter and cuter! Please tell him to quit growing so fast!

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