My Baby's Bow

I'm at home this Sunday morning waiting for church to come on the radio. Crazy to think 6 weeks ago I went into labor....on a Sunday morning much like today. Since it has been since 6 weeks, I think it's time to take down the blue bow off our front door. It has survived many many many rainstorms. But even more impressive, it has been the object of a crime. Our special bow was taken off of our hospital door, room # 420. Who steals a baby's bow? What sick person takes something at a time like that? It is like having your house robbed during a funeral. You see, I made a pink bow and a blue bow about 2 weeks before Stephen was born. I did not want one of those cheap-o bows you can buy in the hospital gift shop. I wanted a handmade bow for my little boy (or girl).

So the story goes like this...The last night of our hospital stay, Stephen (daddy) walked me and baby Stephen by the nursery and we dropped him off. Feeling a little guilty about leaving him in the the florescent lit nursery with 14+ screaming babies, I told the nurses to bring him to my room if he cried or needed anything. I was hoping to get some quality rest and Stephen (daddy) went home to do the same. I walked back to my room and eased myself onto the hospital bed. It wasn't 30 minutes before I hear Stephen's little cry coming down the hall. My nurse (and friend) tapped on the door, wheeled him in, and said "he's acting hungry." I nursed him, walked him back to the nursery, stopped by the snack room to get some milk, went back to my room, ate a cupcake, and attempted to sleep. But my neighbors in room #418 were so loud. They must have had 10 people in there. It was midnight. WHAT were they all doing in there at this hour? Since being a nurse I have realized that people only get weirder. It is quite common for people to have numerous loud visitors at all hours. Stephen and I had commented on this group earlier and how rowdy they were.

Finally, I doze off for the first time. Here come the wheels again, along with Stephen's cry, and a cute quivering bottom lip. I feed him again and then try the nursery one more time. On the way back to my room I pass a man (a visitor from 418) who mumbles a question to me. In my Percocet haze I heard him say "Is that your baby?" Weird question I thought. Stephen wasn't with me and so I figured he was referring to the baby crying loudly in room#421. "No," I said. Now I believe he was asking "Is that your bow?" because after we go through our routine for the third time...crying, feeding, back to the nursery...I find the door bow-less. What the in the world! If someone here doesn't fess up, the redneck in me is going to come out and start knocking on doors. I am one mad mama. I'm the one who went to Michaels (twice)! I'm the one who bought the expensive ribbon! I'm the one who made that bow. It was MY baby's bow and I wanted it back. I ask the nurse "Have you seen someone take the bow off my door?" She said "No, who would do such a thing?" A light goes off in her head. She then says "I bet you anything it was the people in 418."

So Nurse Leigh stomps into #418 and sure enough there hangs Baby boy Spooner's bow on an IV pole. Leigh asked "Who's bow is that?" A visitor in the patients room says "I made it." LIAR. Big fat LIAR.
Leigh says "No you did not. The patient in room #420 is a nurse here. She made that bow so I'm gonna have to take it back." BUSTED. Crime doesn't pay my friends. I was SO glad to get it back. I wanted to cry when I saw Leigh walking out of room # 418 with the bow in her hands. We brought it home the next morning and proudly hung it on our front door.


The Hardens said...

Hey SB!
I stumbled upon your block and have blog-stalked you for a while...I fessing up ;) Your dad is our pediatrician for our little man Jackson born in December. So, I keep up with you and Lucy through him and our visits. I love reading about your cute little fam! This post was hilarious and yet so sad at the same time! Keep in touch!

traveledroad said...

SHUT UP! I got SO angry while reading this! I remember you talking about your bows. UNBELIEVABLE! I almost cheered when your friend reclaimed it. You rightly left that thing up for 6 weeks.

leslie. said...

What a pretty bow! You're so talented! Go nurse friend for the confronting and stomping....
I think you should leave it up on your door. It has such a good story :)

Jill said...

What is it with you people and thieves???

Lynn Beck said...

I absolutely loved this blog. Hooray that you got the great looking (I'm impressed) bow back. What a great story!!

Hooray for you and Nurse Leigh!

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