No Boat in my Yard!

As of late March for the first time in over a year, I have no boat in my yard/driveway! You see, I married a boat lovin man. You could say boats are his hobby. He is crazy about boats and can fix anything on a boat. His mechanical brillance is an extremely useful quality for a boat lover given that boats are always broken. Sometimes I'll catch him in a blank stare and I'll ask "what are you thinking about?" and he'll say "guess." And then I'll say "boats." Of course, why did I even ask?

As happy as I am that he has a much loved hobby, I'm just thankful that for the time being we arn't those redneck neighbors with a huge Trojan yacht in the driveway

Here are a few pics of him enjoying time with various boats.

Stephen's friend, Paul, recently bought this 1990 something Century. Paul lives within walking distance, so these boat buddies have been spending some serious quailty time together.

This is Stephen's (former) project boat, fondly named Cirrhosis of the River, a Trojan yacht. It is currently on cinder blocks at friend Paul's farm. Stephen recently confessed to me that it is just too big to deal with and he has plans to move on to more manageble progects....bummer.

This is my personal favoriete, a John boat passed around by Stephen's group of friends. I'm not sure who's it is but we enjoyed lots of time riding up and down the Alabama river last summer.

And finally, this is friend Justin's Cobalt for which Stephen is the caretaker.

I love you Stephen.


lauren said...

No we are the redneck neighbor with a boat in our driveway...thankfully we are down to 1 in the driveway!

Sarah Barry Spooner said...

Lauren...so true, at least the Century is a little classier than the Trojan. Hahaha.

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