We met someone....

And it was largely uneventful.
No crying.
No screaming.
No fear.

As far as I could tell, Stephen Small's only emotion was ambivalence.
And it kinda looks like Santa felt the same way. 

Small's feelings about St. Nick's candy canes were quite the opposite.
Those he could get excited about!!!! He only opened and licked three and I think they're still in my purse.

He was also a big fan of this rocker airplane. {CUTE!}

These photos were taken at a friend's 2nd birthday party. I was grateful for the activity since it has been way too cold to play outside. We partied hard and wore ourselves out.

Have I mentioned that I'm failing at Christmas?
Well, I am.
Our Advent calender; we haven't done it all week.
And here's the real kicker. I've been drinking hot chocolate - from the packet!!!!!! Not making Killer Cocoa. Publix brand hot chocolate was the penny item this week. I couldn't resist.

In addition to - and contributing to all of my holiday shortcomings, I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant {and all that that entails}. Head colds all around the house. Not enough sleep. Meals. Laundry. Yesterday, I told Stephen Grande that the highlight of my day was buying and installing one of these. And I meant it - not in a bad way.

I'm running on fumes.
But life is good. Its all about perspective.
Tonight my husband made me hot chocolate {from the packet} and then made a marshmallow smiley face. What more could a woman want?

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I'm hoping to recuperate so I can finish strong this holiday and childbearing season.


Emily said...

I'm totally with you, sister, and I don't even have a good excuse. Listen to this: we haven't done our Advent calendar EVEN ONCE. Ha!

Joy said...

We have a rocker airplane JUST like that! It's in the attic now... you want it?? :)
SS with Santa is hilarious. can't wait to see you all soon!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

You captured some precious moments!

The December that I was pregnant with Little Brother who was due in January I too totally failed at Christmas. It's a special time of year to be "great with child" but it's also a hard time of year for it. I remember, we hosted my family on Christmas day because I couldn't/wouldn't travel... being the wonderful hostess that I am, I went back to bed while my mom and sisters prepared Christmas dinner.

abbiegrace said...

"mama said there'd be days like this..."
When I have a day (or a season) when I'm running on fumes (frequently, lately, I might add!) I find myself humming that old song. :-)

You have a great perspective.
Blessings to you and your sweet family!

Nell said...

That is the best Santa picture I've ever seen. Smalls is adorable. Hang in there, SB!! You're so close!

lexie johnston said...

that really is the greatest santa picture!
i hope this makes you feel better- i havent even started thinking about christmas presents. and i am neither a mom or pregnant. just working. ha. and sometimes hot choc from the package can totally hit the spot!
xoxo lex

Lynn Beck said...

One year I took my tree down thre days before Christmas! And I think the 2000 flushes is quite exciting!

Smalls looks great. The gingham overalls are the BEST!!

Lindsay said...

I'm crackin' up over every word, picture and marshmellow.

leslie the young mother said...

oh wow, best santa picture ever. their expressions are the same!!! ha. you're so close SB...and that hot cocoa with the smiley face would cheer anyone up. SG is so sweet :)

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