Sometimes, the Best Things in Life are FREE

Thank you Publix for this FREE yellow balloon we received on Wednesday. We had a blast playing with it, and it made my little boy giggle and squeal all the day long. It also made up for the fact that the Penny item was a box of 'off brand' Frosted Flakes. I'm a Cheerio gal.

And just because....a little recap of yesterday, a {kinda} lazy day:

awake at 5:30, too early
time reading
coffee, of course
milk in bed with Stephen Smalls
make Stephen Grande's lunch, send off to work
Dr. appointment, armed with dum dums
play outside
clean kitchen, fold clothes
general tidying of the house
SG home early from work
clean baby
candle light dinner
The Office

Happy weekend to ya! Enjoy it!

1 comment:

Lynn Beck said...

Sounds like a good day!

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