Simple Christmas

We are keeping Christmas simple this year {and probably ever year}; its just the way I like to do things. My reasoning is 'Why overwhelm myself with something that is supposed to be fun?' That mindset definitely played a role in picking out our tree this year. Its a 3 footer that fits perfectly on a pub table in our living room. In future years we plan to get the real deal, let the kids decorate, and all that jazz. But a 9 month pregnant woman and a 19 month old have no appreciation for a full size tree. Bending over, sweeping pine needles off the floor, and losing ornaments on the bottom half of the tree to child's play things - no thanks! I like my little tree on the table. Sometimes you just have to adjust for your season in life.

Here are a few Christmasy links I liked....

Stay Sane This Christmas by Making Wise Decisions
Plan Your Peaceful Christmas: Prepare the Budget
Felt Christmas Garland {I'm dying to make one of these.}
Gingerbread Men Cookie Recipe {Looking for one, considering trying this one.}
Homemade Ornaments my friend L made with her son {cute!}

Happy December 1!


Lindsay said...

Completely on your page.

The tree looks great! Merry Christmas to all!

Lynn Beck said...

I'm all for sanity and simplicity. One year, I got so tired of my tree (the needles, the clutter, etc.) that I took it down on the 23rd. I then bought spring flowers and replaced my evergreens with narcissus and daffodils and roses. It was liberating to see that I didn't have to buy into the stress of Christmas.

Ketcham Family said...

we did this our first christmas with buddy! and then we cornered the tree in between the couch and another chair. you couldn't even tell it was only 3 ft and baby proofed!

misslala said...

amen. adorable tree!

Emily said...

I don't blame you, SB. Keep it simple. Last year, I was 20 days away from delivery when we decorated for Christmas, and I think it was the UNdecorating with a two week old that did me in.

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