Me and Stephen in the 60's

Photo taken {with the timer}. In our front yard. May 2010.
Edited using Picnik's '1960's effect.'

I have a new and unhealthy addiction to putting the 1960's effect on all my photos just to see what it looks like. I think its the coolest. I have not edited much in the past, but lately I'm lovin' it. The possibilities are endless.
Here is the original photo of the one above.
Stephen Small's hair is definitely longer on the right than on the left. How embarrassing. 

The 60's effect gives the picture a certain nostalgia. It romanticizes it.

Often Stephen Grande and I talk about what decade we would have liked to have experienced if given the choice.
He says he'd like to experience the 70's as a trucker. Don't ask.
I say the 40's as a WWII nurse.
What era {and occupation} would you pick?


Whitney Lee said...

The 50s! I've been telling Andrew that for about the past month!

And I thought about 2 weeks ago that I wanted to start reading Gone with the Wind. Creepy!

Lynn Beck said...

Love the effect.

Wanting What I Have said...

the 1850s...I'd have been best friends with, and lived beside, Elizabeth Prentiss.

Lindsay said...

Love it! Although, maybe you should have moved your car.

Mad Men has left me terrified to live in another era. Plus, I like my iPhone.

Nell said...

1800s teacher....picturing Anne of Green Gables here. Love the edited picture!! So fun.

Confessions said...

def the 20's. great gatsby style

MaryNeff said...

Absolutely obessessed with Picnik now! I want all of my photos in Holga or 60's. Thanks for the heads up.. Love your blog! Your little family is so cute. - MaryNeff

Jenna said...

Definitely prefer the "vintage" photo.

Ohhh to dream of living in another era of history. There's some sort of apple-pie-appeal for being a 1950's housewife... as long as I had a genuinely good marriage. Just love all those a-line dresses :)

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