A Family Drive to the House of Lights

For a week or so we fell off the Advent celebration bandwagon. {For those of you who don't know -  the Stephen Grande and I received an Advent calendar for Christmas last year as we planned to start the tradition of celebrating Advent as he did in his boyhood, by doing a Christmas activity every day, December 1st - 24th}

We were really on a roll and then we got busy, and a little bit sick, and down right out of the habit. But I heard a quote on the radio recently....something like "perfection is the enemy of the good enough."  And I concluded that just because we missed a few days - or an entire week - is no reason not to continue with our Advent activities. After all its our first year.

Last night our activity was "a family drive to look at the crazy house of lights." This house is a stone's throw from ours. I don't know a town that doesn't have one of these.

Soon after SG got home from work we loaded up for our little adventure. Conveniently a friend of mine dropped by as we were pulling out of the drive way and dropped off some Christmas treats. Half a can of puppy chow later I was really psyched to see some lights!


Stephen Small was excited too, though you would never know it by his expression.

I must mention that before we got to the house of lights we took a slight detour to put some air in one of my tires. And it was confirmed this morning that I will be getting a new set of wheels for Christmas {as in literal wheels}

Got to love being a grown up.

But that's neither here nor there. Life is good, Murphy and all {that's for you Dave Ramsey folks ;) }.

Hope you all have an AWESOME December 16th!!!
Only 9 more days!!!


Lynn Beck said...

SS looks a little overwhelmed (as I would be in the face of such "Griswold Christmas Glory."

You look great!!!

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh...so sorry about the wheels. Nice. Glad y'all were ready for Murphy. :) And the lights. Oh. My.

Barefoot Belle said...

I was thinking about that house the other day...as I haven't seen anything near that magnitude in Philly. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places?

Anyway, can't wait to make the obligatory "drive by" after the Christmas eve service, when we'll finally be HOME! Can't wait to see y'all.

Nell said...

Love the field trip to the house. We just had to bite the bullet for new tires. Merry Christmas, right?

Whitney Lee said...

OMG. That's my aunt's house! Just kidding. Looks fun!

Confessions said...

wait a minute, murphy hit up our house yesterday too! in the form of a bill from the hospital where LO had her echo and EKG. $3500. holy smokes. i keep chanting "we have an emergency fund. we have an emergency fund." darn that murphy.

oh, and love the house of lights. yes, there's one in EVERY town.

Mishka said...

We love this place! It is on our Advent also.

lexie johnston said...

murphy has hit us this hunting season with TWO HUGE tickets for absolutely ridiculous things that the guys did not think were illegal based on how THEY interpreted the law. ugh. but thank goodness for emergency funds- totally changes your perspective of an emergency. glad yall are prepared!
also, i have had to quit making puppy chow this holiday year (partly because i got in trouble at work for referring to it as "crack"- only because it's addictive- i never even thought about the fact that white powder could be mistaken for actual crack) and also because i got in the habit of doubling the recipe and keeping half for me... EVERYTIME i made it (which was at least weekly)
those lights are amazing. at first i thought it was your house because i only half-way read things and get distracted by pictures.

Lindsay said...

You DO NOT look 9 months preggers! SS looks in awe... what a fun outing. We have a pretty crazy house on our street, but NOTHING like that!

Merry Christmas and Happy Good Enough!

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