Same 'ol Same 'ol

I have nothing new. We do the same 'ol same 'ol these days. Coffee, Y, Publix, play outside, watch Veggie Tales, eat lunch, nap {Small}, laundry {me}, read books, try to convince S.S. that he likes to color {he doesn't}, cook dinner, bath, wait for Grande to come home, watch T.V., bed - REPEAT.

I'm thankful for our routine because I love it! I'm thankful for a little boy who likes to play outside. I'm thankful for this gorgeous weather, for a healthy nephew born today, for freezer sandwiches, for encouraging news from a friend, for the approaching holidays, and for James Dobson {who I've nicknamed Jimmy D. but I don't say it out loud because it sounds disrespectful and I don't mean it that way}.

I'm also grateful for YOU people who read my blog! Y'all are great.
Hope you're having the best of weeks!


Lynn Beck said...

He looks like he's "raring to go." I love Small's red hair. And you know how much I love your blog!

Sarah Grace said...

Just curious, do you ever post mobile pics on your blog? I would love to figure out how to do this b/c that's mostly what I take!

leslie the young mother said...

What a sweet picture. SS is such a cutie! We love routine around here too....sure helps get through the day....enjoy it today!

Nell said...

Love the same ol', same ol'. There is such comfort in the familiar! Hope today is another great day! Your blog-readers love you, too.

Doc said...

I like the picture of SS. A lot of parents buy or build their child a playhouse or even a treehouse. The fact that Small's "playhouse" is a used Volvo is a different twist. I like it. Just make sure he doesn't coast down the hill in front of your house. It's a lot easier to catch a kid on a tricycle than an 18 month old in a runaway volvo.

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