The Playhouse

I've written about my cousins before - the ones that grew up two doors down from us. My siblings and I spent many of our formative years playing in their back yard. They had a trampoline, zip line, and AWESOME playhouse complete with heating and cooling systems. Since grandchildren have come along the playhouse has been updated from its former 'country' style to a more modern Melissa and Doug look.

While visiting my family for T-day, Stephen Small has certainly put his time in at this little house. Its so perfect and childproof. I've considered shutting him up in there and reading a book or taking a nap on the front porch. We played here for one solid hour yesterday and had ourselves the largest time!

{The play house matches the real house.}

{S. Small made hamburgers}

{He went straight for the ketch up and put it on his 'burger' - a boy after my own heart. That shows you how much ketch up we eat at our house. We love it!}

{My cousin made these quilted valences. Its the details like this that make the house so charming.}

{Oh and this ironing board - have you ever seen anything so cute?}

{I'm teaching him to be a good husband one day. This one is going in the rehearsal dinner file.}

 I love my sweet boy.
Stephen Grande has to build us one of these...one day.


Nell said...

I want to play in that! My dad built us a playhouse, and we spent so much time in there. This one is really legit, though. I'm dying over the valances and ironing board. Seriously, I may need to drive down to play with y'all. Hope you're having fun in MS...Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynn Beck said...

SB -- He's getting so tall and grown up!! What a doll. Have a great t'giving with everyone.

leslie the young mother said...

How absolutely precious! What a fun playhouse....like a true mini house, ha! Those are some great pictures...SS is one good looking kid! Happy Thanksgiving!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Love it, love it, love it! I'm thinking my own dear husband will have to create a similar wonderful place for Miss F! Reminds me of my own, much more rustic, childhood playhouse.

You captured some precious moments.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't forget the ketchup!

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