Aahh, Weekends

We had a good one - especially since it started with a 9:30 pm bedtime on Friday night. Rest is a good good thing.

Saturday I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for a friend decorating a gorgeous local home for a party. In the process I learned what a Fiddlehead is. Can you believe there is such a plant?! God really outdid Himself when creating the world. The VARIETY! Its astounding.

Stephen Small had a glorious 4 hour nap on Saturday afternoon. He awoke to me and the Grande cheering on the Auburn Tigers. S.G. moved the TV to the back porch and we watched the last half of the game together as a little fam of three.

We taught the Smalls to say Wwwwwwwaaaaaaarrrrrr EAGLE Hey! And despite being not much of a talker, he caught on right away. It is the cutest thing I've seen in all of my born days.

His front row seat was thoroughly enjoyed.
After Auburn's victory we had a group over to grill hamburgers. James T III was in attendance and took over the meal {and my kitchen} in the best kind of way. He made the Farmer's sweet tea and a special sauce for the French fries. Captain Steve was on the hamburgers of course and I was totally freed up to snuggle on the porch with my War Eagle baby.

Some of our other friends brought their happiest seven month old little girl over. And I'll have you know Stephen Grande scooped her up half way through the night just because he wanted to hold a pink baby. He looks good with a pink baby, don't you think?

Sunday morning came soon and we got dressed and ready for church with minimal drama. It seems that whether we wake up at 5 am or 9 am we are always rushing to church. Its the devil. Recently I we came up with a new "all hands on deck" policy when it comes to Sunday mornings. That basically means that if you are an adult in our household on Sunday morning, you are allowed no leisure time whatsoever. All efforts must be complied to get us dressed, fed, and out the door. I can only imagine how this gets more and more challenging with more children. We might just have to take our sleeping bags up to the church on Saturday night and and sleep in the sanctuary when this second baby arrives.

The rest of the weekend involved leftover hamburgers, a baby shower for one of my friends, a bloody nose, and me making plans to head over to Mississippi later this week! I can't believe Turkey Day is coming so soon.

And on that note, I just have to say I'm grateful for the rain today - and a quiet afternoon.
Hope this post finds each of you well.


Lynn Beck said...

Grande does look good with a little pink bundle, and SS is as cute as he can be. He looks so much like you that I can hardly stand it. He is getting tall, though!! He got the Spooner height genes!!

Wanting What I Have said...

What a great weekend! At first I laughed at your sleeping bag idea, but I'm kind of thinking that's a pretty good idea! We have been early to SS ONCE this year - and when we walked in, I told everyone to mark it on their calendars! Doubt it will ever happen again.

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