Important Meeting

Happy October 1 everybody!

I'm wrapping up a very important meeting right now.

In attendance: me.

I feel somewhat strange for enjoying these sort of meetings so much. You know the kind where you clean out your purse, budget, plan, think, read. It feels so great to get (sorta) organized. It's my idea of fun - makes my little world go round.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I'm planning on getting some things done around the house.
And I'm hoping to make Mimi's apple cake and The Pioneer Woman's olive cheese bread.
So I guess better schedule in some exercise too.


Nell said...

I had the same meeting with myself today. Love me some productivity and time to think. I spy Jesus Calling...Hope you're enjoying it. Your porch looks heavenly... Happy October!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Hope you had a wonderful meeting;) Thanks for your comment on my post. I think the turning point for all of this extra time with Daddy is when the toddler can fully communicate! When Daddy doesn't have to guess what he wants, needs, doesn't like, etc. And, I love his carhart's too:) Matt has a pair as well that he wears when he is working in the barn. They match and its precious;)

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