Book Covers

fabric scraps + ugly books

solution: book covers! 

My Bible and copy of Jesus Calling while invaluable in content are sort of lacking in the aesthetically pleasing book cover department. If I ran the world all books would be required to have beautiful and ornate covers. But until then I'll just settle for sewing my own book covers.

This was a very fast, yet satisfying project and a great way to make use of an odd ball piece of fabric.

Here's (sort of) how I did it. And as I say with all my "tutorials," I'm not super thorough in my instructions and I've only been sewing one year. So...trust your own judgment and use your instincts when/if you should decide to make your own book covers.

1) Select a rectangular piece of fabric significantly larger than your book when book is open. 
2) Prewash and iron.
3) Hem top edges as seen in photo below, but leave a small edge on both sides, top and bottom. VERY IMPORTANT. You will need this extra room to complete project.

4) Wrap book in cover to check sizing.

5) Hem sides.

6) Now wrap the cover around the book WRONG SIDE OUT.

7) Pin on one side only, then carefully remove cover.

8) Sew pocket.
9) Repeat on the other side.
10) Turn ride side out and fit on book! 


Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

Cute idea Sarah! I'll have to try this with my Bible... it's looking a little weary. Hope you're week is going well! I love learning your sewing techniques!

Anonymous said...

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Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I love this idea, and yours turned out so cute! Wouldn't a copy of "Jesus Calling" clothed in a custom fabric cover make a great gift?! I'm linking this "inspiration" on my sidebar.

Ashley Beth said...

LOVE Jesus Calling!! Can't start my day without it! I've come to love the cover I guess because I relate the content to it. But, I do know that they actually make them in a leather purple now...sounds ugly, but it's actually very pretty! Yours is much prettier, though!

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