25. 5 Weeks and Peanut Butter Man

Good Thursday! Aren't these October days just marvelous? We've enjoyed a busy week spent scurrying around getting ready to go out of town for the weekend. The Grande and I are going somewhere sans Smalls. Of course the child still in utero will be coming along for the trip and thankfully he/she is not yet too large to dampen my physical comfort.

I couldn't help but snap this photo of myself yesterday for the sake of documenting this pregnancy - though its a little goofy.

It seems the most common question people ask pregnant women is "how are you feeling?" With a grateful heart, I'm happy to say "so good." Really, minus the first 12-14 weeks I have really enjoyed this pregnancy.

{25.5 weeks}

Exercise, diet coke, and Tums have been my vices as well as a little chocolate every now and then.

I bought these Reese's for me (and Stephen Grande), but it seems like Stephen Small is the one who can't handle life without them. He's having throw yourself down fits over these things. My hopes were to display them on the counter in this lovely blue bowl, but the constant site of them is not worth the constant battle. I do allow him to have one every now and then, but not to replace meals. I'm thinking of re-naming him Peanut Butter Man.

Shifting gears a little, thanks for all your complements on the cowboy bag! It sort of sent me into a sewing frenzy and motivated me to finally buy a pin cushion. I've been working on several sewing projects that I hope to share soon. 

This is a sweet spot in my stay at home mama days; Smalls has been consistently taking a 3 hour afternoon nap which has allowed time for me to not only get my chores done, but also have time to read, sew, blog, talk on the phone. I'm embracing this time as I know its sort of the calm before the storm. Not a bad storm, but a 7-10lb bundle of joy that eats every 2.5 hours kind of storm.

When Smalls is not napping, we are out here - in the great outdoors.

Stephen Grande planted these Spider Lilly bulbs {also know as 'naked ladies' for having no leaves on their stems} in the spring. It has made my day every day to look out and see a pop of color circling the pine tree in our front yard.

I'll leave you with a glimpse of Peanut Butter Man's demostration of what he thinks his strength to be.
He tries to pick up everything and everybody, no matter the size. The other morning he even tried to lift Stephen Grande up off the floor.

I'm thrilled that he has that much confidence, but it's kind of sad to watch his struggle.
Well, I'm back to packing. Hope you all are lovin' life these days.

Be back soon.


Whitney Lee said...

You look so adorable! Can't wait to see you!

Nell said...

You look great...Have a great trip! SS's cords are awesome. I am currently making your pumpkin muffins. Mmmmm. Happy Fall!

Emily said...

I think the sewing bug bit me this week, too. Just got done following your tutorial for burp cloths. Stephen Small trying to pick up pumpkins is the cutest thing I've seen all day. Have a fun weekend!

Lynn Beck said...

You look wonderful, and SS is still the cutest thing I could ever want to see. I can't believe how he's grown. He takes after George with the candy. I don't think George was especially into Reeses, but he definitely was into chocolate.

Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

I did not realize that we were so close together! I'm 29.5 weeks and feeling good too, thank goodness! I love your sweet SS. His love of strength is so precious!

bethan said...

ok the picking up the pumpkin shot it hilarious, such a funny phase! elijah had that, we would always call it his "feats of strength," like in the festivus celebrations from seinfeld? that never ever got old. elijah is kind of over trying to pick everything up, now he just wants to push everything, which is not nearly as funny because he ends up moving all the furniture! ah, these small people. never ever a dull moment.

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