I missed these two.

Over the long weekend my two boys, my two Stephens, my heart and my soul...traveled across state lines, 6 hours away, without me...WITHOUT ME. They ventured to Mississippi to visit my parents for the holiday weekend along with Aunt Lu and Nick. Stephen Grande enjoyed some serious dove hunting and man time while my mom and sister looked after my babe.

My reason for staying behind - it was my work weekend. I do admit I had some mild separation anxiety (okay major separation anxiety) before sending them off, but I knew I would enjoy the alone time - and I did enjoy my time.

But oh how I missed them! I'm so glad they're home. I'm thankful for my answered prayers of safe travel.

I love them to pieces.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day!

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Lynn Beck said...

What a great photo!! Love the two S's together.

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