The Day the Painters Came

The painters have come. The painters have gone. I was thrilled with their work, their speed, and their expertise. Stephen Grande and I discussed how long it would have taken the 2 of us to paint our living room ourselves in between work, taking care of Stephen Small, and finishing all the other projects we've started. We both agreed it was money well spent.

The whole painting day was a deviation from our normal routine. Painters arrived at 6:55 am.

We ate breakfast on-the-go - Oreos - so we could clear the kitchen in time for them to start on the ceiling (we had the kitchen ceiling painted in addition to the lr).

A long walk kept us out of the way for some time.

Then we made it back for an early lunch in my bedroom.

And although we loved watching our living space transform before our very eyes, the paint fumes became overwhelming, so we camped out at Aunt Lu's for the afternoon while she and my brother in law Nick were at work. The Smalls napped in his pack n play while I swam alone, in the quiet. Just me, a float, a tall glass of ice water, 45 spf , a Real Simple, and a Pottery Barn catalogue. I didn't even open the book I brought. That would have been too much for my paint-fume-fried brain.

Around 3:00, we came home to this...

a brighter, fresher living space.

Just looking at the new color makes me relax.

Dinner was definitely not the norm... Chinese take out.

All in all it was a good day.

Now what's on the to-do list for the weekend?

I'll think about that tomorrow.

Have a great Friday night.


Lynn Beck said...

It looks beautiful! I love the color, and your lunch looks pretty good too. The picture of Small in his pants - looking over the "fence' with oreo in hand is darling. He's really growing up.

Love to all the Spooners

Lindsay said...

It looks awesome!!!! I seriously love it- and I can't wait to see the sunroom finished, already loving the built in shelves. J's favorite food is the Oreo. I'm sure they will eat them for breakfast in their dorm room someday.

Joy said...

Love the new color! Great choice! Can't wait to see it all in person!

leslie the young mother said...

So fun to have the painting done and NOT by your own hands! And the color looks amazing!

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