hello from mississippi, i've missed you all

Hello from Mississippi! I'm SO missing my blog right now and all of you in my on-line community. Laugh at me if you want, but its true. For days I've wanted to do a really long picture-filled post, but my mom and dad's technology is SSSLLLLOOOOWWWW. Taking the time to download pictures is hardly worth it when it takes hours. The whole situation is enough to make me want to run out and irrationally buy a laptop. Seriously, I've come very close. But I will exercise self control, I guess.

Really, an internet break is healthy (and kind of nice). We have been spending most of our time outside in the gorgeous 70 degree weather that is nothing short of invigorating! And as always in G'ville, we begin wining and dining from about 4pm until....whenever.

Last night I made PW's coq au vin for everyone. And I must say it is SO good and such a fun meal to prepare. I definitely recommend making it for guests. It is the kind of meal you drink wine with while your cooking and also the kind where you get other people involved. Someone chops, someone stirs, someone sits and watches everyone chop and stir.

Stephen Small and (his grandfather) Doc

I have also been sewing a lot while I've been here. I brought my machine. I made a little romper for Stephen Small, a burp cloth for my cousin's new baby, and I'm about to get started on a bed skirt and pillow shams for my guest room. Which leads me to a burning question I have...please help. Are bedskirts still in style? Or are they so 1997? Really, I need to know. I personally like them with clean, straight lines, not the frilly fru fru sort, but are they out?! Decorators, let me know your thoughts.

Oh what else do I have on my mind to share?

I've settled on a type of wine I love...Sauvignon Blanc. I've always thought I was a red wine girl, but come to find out (if I'm really honest with myself) I prefer white. It is weird to get older and and learn new things about yourself. You stop caring what others think about you so much and you just embrace what you actually like. It's a strange phenomenon. And no telling what else I'll realize about myself over the next several years.

I'm sure I'll share all these discoveries on the blog!

Well, signing off for today, but I'll be back SOON.


Nell said...

I'm all about a bedskirt. How else can I adequately hide all the junk underneath my beds? When you have limited closet space, bedskirts are a must. (Not the frilly, just like you said. Clean lines only). I want to cook coq au vin with you!

Lindsay said...

Glad you're having fun! I had no idea that tailored bedskirts would not be in style- so I suppose I'm not the one to comment (and you did say decorators). For what it's worth, I say, yes. And Nell said yes before me, so now I'm confident.

Girl's weekend with some coq au vin??

Whitney Lee said...

My mom recently went through a clean out stage where she got rid of all her bedskirts. But do what you want! Have what you like. I've always thought that; I wear what I want no matter if it's "in style" or not. Same thing with the bedskirts.

Lynn Beck said...

Love the photo of Doc and Small!

Elisabeth said...

i miss you and small. hurry home. as for bed skirts, i have gathered ,tailored,pleated, so let the room and fabric dictate. tell your parents hello. enb

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