The Delta: Part 2


Ladies, would you ever wake up in the middle of the night and go out in the frigid cold to shoot birds?!

No? I thought so. Me neither. The only way I could do this is if my next meal literally depended on it.

While in Mississippi the men in my family spent a lot of time huntin.' Dad, brother, husband, cousin...all of em.

They love it. LOVE IT. LOVE....IT. And I don't mind that they enjoy it so much. I'm just so bewildered by it...

Here's Grande. He woke up at 2:30 am. TWO THIRTY IN THE MORNING! to drive to Arkansas to shoot birds.

And here's my brother in law, Nick. Not quite as chipper as Stephen Grande. He clearly hasn't had his coffee yet OR it could just be the fact that he woke up at 2:30 AM.

At least they got to see the sunrise. Those plastic sacks are decoys if you're wondering.

Does this look like a good time or what? It...looks...so...cold.

I'm glad they took time to pose for the camera...from left to right...Nick, Doc, Tator, and Stephen Grande.

Now here comes Tommy, my dad's college roommate, jumping in on the left. He has four girls. He came to get a testosterone fix.

And here they are again...proud of their success.
Did you know that certain types of these geese can live 30 years? Stephen Grande informed me of this.

My response is.... "gross." A thirty year old bird. It could be older than me....born in 80, 81, or 82. I don't know why that's weird, but it is.

When they weren't huntin' the hunters spent a lot of time preparing to hunt. Here they are building a duck blind.
A fine job, I think.
They even built a little shelf in there to set your coffee cup on. Now that's my kind of duck blind...if I had a "kind of duck blind."
Conclusion: I don't understand the enjoyment of hunting, I never will. Anything that involves such extreme temperatures and early rising, you can count me out. But I'm supportive. I guess there are hobbies of mine that Stephen Grande will never understand....such as crafting (he he...snicker). Crafting is funny. I guess it's a trade off. I support his hunting. He supports my crafting.
That's what marriage is all about right?

Stick around.


Nell said...

Oh how familiar I am with the 2:30 wake up calls in 20 degree weather! I don't think I'll ever understand it, and there's really no equivalent hobby in my life either...Crafting, haha.

Lynn Beck said...

Wow... that doesn't look fun at all!

Shealy said...

hey! i am such a blog stalker! i couldn't help but comment after this post. my husband would do anything for a good "bird" hunt. he dreams of going to arkansas and hunting (i'm being very literal when i say he dreams about it). he read this with me and was drooling over my shoulder! love keeping up with you and your precious family! -shealy (melton) mckinnon

Susie Talbot said...

I ONCE enjoyed getting up at 4 am to deer hunt and fish with "my guys" ??? It's true...lost its appeal somehow... :)

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