Deep People

First off...this is so random (and not deep), but some of you may find it helpful. A few months ago my coffee started tasting like dirt...so YUCK. I believed the problem to be my coffee maker. It is 3 years old. So FINALLY today I cleaned it with vinegar...1 part vinegar, 2 parts water. I brewed the same mixture in it 3 times and then brewed a large pot of water. What do ya know? It worked! Best cup of coffee I've had in months.

Anyway...don't let that problem creep up on you and then do nothing about it like I did.

Okay, change of subject here.
Don't you all feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

I do.

There is so much to do. So much I want to do. And so little time. It doesn't help that my New Year's resolutions are taking a toll on my schedule. I only have 2 of them....

1) become an exerciser. I know what this means for me. It means exercise is a part of my daily routine. I actually enjoy it, but like everything else it takes time! And just a few short weeks ago exercise was the first thing I cut out of my schedule...always providing an extra hour in my day.

The second resolution is not too time consuming, but I'll share anyway.

2) memorize one Bible verse a week. Stephen Grande and I are doing this one together. So far so good. The goal is not to be able to recite 52 Bible verses at the end of the year, but to meditate on them weekly and sort of write them in our hearts.

Another little subject change here....
Do y'all remember how I said Stephen Grande and I tell each other exactly what we want for Christmas? Well, this is what I wanted... Blue Italian Spode china...
I'm what you call a chinaholic. I can't get enough. I love all the different patterns and colors. This pattern I have been eyeing for a while because A) The Pioneer Woman has it and B) my friend Jessica Taylor has it too. Which pretty much means it is the coolest and most classic china pattern EVER.

I JUST LOVE IT! I'm sure you will be seeing many more photographs of it when I share my recipes.

Look at that gorgeous blue. And the little flowers on the handle. I love that handle.
Last thing for today...the book under the coffee mug is one I'd like to recommend....The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. A Christian classic. We went through it in the ladies Bible study I was part of last year. I, like a ding bat, did not read it at the time, but I am slowly reading and skimming through it now. My summary...It basically explains the Christian disciplines...prayer, meditation, study, worship, etc. Foster writes about why the disciplines are important and then gives excellent advice on how to practically start practicing them. Give it a try if you are interested in books like this.

Here is a the first paragraph....

Superficiality is the curse of our age. The doctrine of instant satisfaction is a primary spiritual problem. The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people. -Richard J. Foster

Oooh. I like that. I like deep people.


Lynn Beck said...

I love a "Celebration of Discipline." And I'm glad that your coffee tastes better now.

The Freeman Club said...

I need to clean my coffee pot. It hasn't been as good lately. And I want to borrow "Celebration of Discipline" when you finish.

Linsa Archer, LMFT said...

I'm also reading and studying "Celebration of Discipline." I love it! Let's compare notes when we finish.

leslie the young mother said...

Thanks for the book recommendation, you've never led me astray. And thank you for the coffee miracle cleaner! I don't drink coffee (i know you think I'm crazy, ha) but am SURE that our hard city water has left quite a residue over the last 3 years... so thanks! And SB, you're a deep person. And I like that about you :)

Nell said...

SB! Thanks for the book recommendation. I think we are going to try it out in my Bible Study. I love the china, too! So pretty!

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