A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Last night was mine and Stephen Grande's third year to participate in our Bible study group's dirty Santa party.

If you are wondering how dirty Santa or a White Elephant gift exchange works then you can find out more here.

I was the not so proud receiver of some Roll Tide pasta salad. Of course it ended up in my hands, an Auburn fan. I guess it wouldn't have been so funny if one of those Bammers got it.

Even better...Stephen Grande was the lucky recipient of this ol' girl. She's been around the block a time or two before. Or should I say...this ain't her first dirty Santa party. I think it's time we give her a name. How do y'all feel about Stella?

But I think the award for the best, strangest, most unique, and CRAZIEST gift of all goes to Grande. He gave a pear...as in a partridge in a pear tree.

However the opening of the pear wasn't nearly as exciting as the opening of the partridge...can't you see it on our friends' faces below...they weren't expecting something quite so...ALIVE.

Some of the wives got a little jumpy...can you blame em?!!

Most of us laughed it off...

Some of the women were concerned that the bird could not breathe in the filing box. I assured them that there were plenty of holes (I checked before we wrapped him, or her?).

After all, the only thing worse than getting a live partridge is getting a dead partridge.

Here's Will...the Proud new partridge master...

Before all this madness we posed for a group picture...which turned out quite well (I think).

We had a grand time... as we do every year! Totally worth paying a babysitter. And just to warn those of you in the group...Grande's planning on giving 2 turtle doves next year. Just call him Andy Bernard.

Merry Christmas!


Lynn Beck said...

Tell Grande I am amazed and impressed. He's setting the bar really high for future gifts.

And I hope the Roll Tide Pasta salad is delicious! Maybe you can eat it when Bama wins the National Championship!

Jessica Govan said...

Great pictures! I love everyone's faces! I am definitely going to have to get copies!! LOVE IT!

SusanSCarothers said...

So fun! I still can't believe you guys brought a live bird! ha ha!

JGA said...

I just need to correct your spelling...it's bammer, not Bammer. Always lowercase; never capitalize the word bammer.

As Always, War Eagle.

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