Daddy's Home

Daddy's home! Our favorite part of the day is when Stephen Grande returns to the home front. Usually it is after daylight, but one day last week he got home a little early. What a treat!

And what better way to welcome him than by trying to rip his face off? Stephen Small is really in to faces (and earrings). You can ask Aunt Lu about that. She almost lost an ear in a death grip.

When he attacks, I suggest holding him at arms length. It amuses him.

But don't hold him out for too long. He's just a baby.

A silly baby that LOVES his Papa Grande.

Just thought I'd give you a fair warning.

Happy Friday!


leslie the young mother said...

so sweet...nothing like babies and their daddys :)

doc said...

doc is learning how to comment on your blog....hope it works

lovie said...

lovie is learning to comment on your blog

doc said...

nice pictures. i remember the coming home part too.

Leckynn B said...

I keep thinking that Stephen Small looks so much like you, SB. Great photos!!!

Lynn said...

Oops -- my name came out crazy (I'm on a different computer.)But I'm assuming you can figure out that the last message was from me.

Nell said...

Such sweet pictures! Have a GREAT weekend!

ricapitt said...

that is the sweetest page, the text and pictures are perfect together!
xxoo from fla, CSP

Anonymous said...

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