The Pros and Cons of Digital

A pro of digital cameras...you have SO MANY pictures.

A con of digital cameras...you have SO MANY pictures.

The task of deleting, organizing, and ordering prints can be SO daunting. When filing through the hundreds and hundreds of photos how is one to choose which to delete and which to keep?

Does anyone else have this problem?

Like this one... I just can't bear to part with. It is blurry and Stephen is clearly upset, but it's my baby and real life at its finest.

To make sense of all this, I have found some ways to stay organized and not drown in digital photos.

I will share them and hope it will inspire....

# 1) Delete bad photos off the camera. I find it much harder to delete a picture if it makes it to the computer.

# 2) Make a folder (on the computer) for each month Jan 09, Feb09, March 09, etc....when you get to the end of the year, make a big folder and label it 2009 (or whatever year it happens to be) and transfer to it all the folders from each month. That way all your pictures will be organized by years.

# 3) Order, order, order your prints. Your grand kids will not want to look back through the family photos on a computer. Albums are so fun. I use snapfish to order all mine. 9 cents a photo and they mail them to the house.


# 4) For each good photo shoot, make it a rule to limit yourself to ordering 2 or 3 per shoot. It is hard to know what to do with a bunch of great photos that are basically the same picture.

Example...I shot these one morning and liked most all of them. But I certainly don't need 9 photos that are so similar. Solution...pick out 2 favorites and order.

Happy organizing.


Lindsey Henig said...

First of all I would like to say that I'm obsessed with your blog. I long to cook things like fish fajitas and mini turkey sliders. Secondly, I am SO with you on the pictures!!! Where to begin?? As I'm reading your suggestions i'm realizing that I just did all of that. It helped SO much. And I'm starting to order my "months", I'm on March right now. Costco has 2 plain black "pleather" photo albums for $20, I think they both hold 600 pics or something ridiculously awesome like that. Go for it, girl.

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of doing this right now! Great tips. I have not had a SINGLE PICTURE of J printed, so I'm going to take #3 to heart. Top right square- gotta get that one. adorable.

Lynn Beck said...

SB -- Your organizational skills are inspiring!! I am so impressed.. and a little amazed. I sometimes still think of you as a six year old visiting me in Nashville when we literally bought EVERYTHING you wanted!! Who would have thought you'd end up being so "grown up."

Love you!!

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