Tuesday Afternoon

Before I begin telling you about Tuesday afternoon, let me start by updating about my return to work. If you don't already know, I went back to work (part-time) this past weekend after three wonderful months of maternity leave. I dreaded going back but found the anticipation to be much worse. Many of my friends told me it would be this way. I cried when I had to say goodbye Saturday morning but was completely fine once I got to the hospital and got busy. Stephen was in very good hands with big Stephen and my parents at home. They all said he was really good. The babysitting entourage brought Stephen up to see me both days, and of course all my hospital friends were thrilled to see him. One of my favorite nurses to work with, Pam, brought me these beautiful handmade gifts.

A sweet blue day gown. How sweet is the piping on the collar? We will definitely get some good pictures in this one.

She also gave us this incredibly cute cowboy play blanket. How cute is this fabric?! It is so classic and old fashion and I LOVE old fashion stuff.
These gifts really are special. Her daughter in law made them. Would you believe she has only been sewing since this Christmas?!

If you look closely you will see my favorite scene on cowboy blanket...bottom right corner...little cowboy making coffee. So darn cute. I'm dying to learn to sew. Who knows if it will ever happen?
Stephen has worn it out...he loves to play on the floor if he's not swinging.

Okay...on to my uneventful Tuesday afternoon. It was rainy...nice...and quiet. Big Stephen works pretty late at least a couple of nights a week and this was one of those days. For some reason my productivity shuts down about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. No chores are done after 5. I start moving into the night...when its time to relax. So yesterday, I turned the TV off and most of the lights to suit my mood of calmness.

Since dinner would be late, an afternoon snack was a must.

I'm usually a year behind all trends, so many of you may have been eating pita chips and Sabra hummus for a while now. This snack is new to me. Paired with a glass of white wine, it is the tastiest thing you'll ever put in your mouth. A-MAZING.

Stephen played on the floor even though fun cowboy blanket was in the dryer. Like I said, he's wearing it out...spitting up on it many a time.

Then we moved on to an afternoon bath and some experimenting with the "no flash" setting on the camera. Got some good ones. If there is anything this baby loves more than swinging and playing on cowboy blanket, its a bath.


Lynn Beck said...

I am so thrilled to have another posting today. I love the cowboy blanket. It looks like something your dad might have had when he was little. (He went through a definite "cowboy" phase.) And the photos of Stephen are wonderful. I especially like the one where he's contemplating his feet!

Helen said...

Hey Sarah Barry! Leslie has me hooked on your blog now! After seeing your relaxing Tues. afternoon I had to recreate it. No kidding. I went to the store, bought pita chips, hummus, and white wine. I added some grapes and shared it with Les out by the fire pit last night. Thanks for sharing your relaxation tips!

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