Happy Anniversary

Stephen and I have been married 3 years today! However, we have known each other for much longer...almost 10 years...wow that's a long time. This picture was taken on our first date in the summer of 2000. We didn't officially become a couple until many years after that summer, but it is CRAZY to think that the sparks were flying at age 17(me) and 19(Stephen).

Happy Anniversary Stephen! I love you.


Laura said...

happy anniversary to you!

Laura M. said...

that is so precious! how special to have this snap of you two young love birds! congrats on your precious baby boy by the way!

Lawren said...

Aw! SB! I was so happy to see your note on my blog. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. We've had a CRAZY few weeks so I've been slacking on the checking and updating my blog. I love your blog, and I'm so glad to be back in touch. I totally remember hearing you swooning over Stephen Spooner that summer at RYM. Don't you love how the Lord works! And just in case, you don't check your comments back this far, I'll post another message on your newest post!

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