New House

We closed on our house yesterday. Please come visit!

Front Yard


Dining Area

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Gary Barry's Room

Guest Room

Main Bathroom

Guest Bathroom


Lindsay said...

We LOVE it! They did an excellent job remodeling it, looks like you won't have to do a thing. Pretty floors! Can't wait to see it sometime!

leslie. said...

SB, awesome!!!!! it's so clean and pretty! oh, and the kitchen is nice and big......and i like the guest room (with the twin beds for us, haha!) can't wait to see all your decorating touches, it's perfect :) oh, and the hard wood floors look so good!

leslie. said...

so when's the moving date?

A Lee Inc said...

Looks great!! I asked Stephen if he was gonna need a pair of extra hands... I hear you got him to hire some. Good call :) Can't wait to see this new abode in person! See y'all soon!

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