Farewell to the Chief

Friday morning, the Today Show played a recording of the Bush twins reading a letter to the Obama girls. The letter was about growing up in the White House and advice on how to cope with your dad being the president of the United States. As the letter was read, pictures of the Bushs' were shown. I was especially touched by this one....a young George holding his newborn twin girls.

I can honestly say I will miss the "W" and the entire Bush family. After all, a Bush has been in the White House for 12 of my 25 years. Their personal lives have always fascinated me a little. My interest dates back when Millie was the first pet. Millie was George Sr. and Barbara's Brittany spaniel. As a child and avid dog lover ( I don't know what happened to that part of me), I wrote a letter to Barbara about her beloved spaniel. I received a nice reply and a photograph of Millie.
When I was in elementary school, I saw George Sr. speak at the Greenville airport when he was up for re-election against Bill Clinton. Later I saw George W. Bush my sophomore year at Auburn. He came to endorse Bob Riley, Alabama's present governor.

When I got married, just for fun, I sent a wedding invitation to George and Laura. Of course they didn't come, but I did receive a generic reply addressed from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I kept it on my refrigerator for about a year and now keep it with my wedding memorabilia.
Another fond connection I feel with the "W" is the song he danced to with Jenna at her wedding "You are so Beautiful to me." This is the same song my dad and I danced to at my wedding.
I wish the best for good ol George and hope the history books regard him more highly than most Americans do right now. He had a tough presidency and I'm sure no one is more relieved than he to be finished. Farewell to the Chief...

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