Not long after moving to our street, I met my across the street neighbor. During our first conversation she asked me "Do you play tennis?" I responded "Yes, I've played since I was 8 or 9 years old" My mother, a true lover of the sport, has been preparing me for this question my whole life. I was forced to play and take lessons through most of my school years. At first, I hated it and would beg not to go to my scheduled tennis lesson. My mom and I still laugh about an argument we had when I was attempting to get out of a lesson. Trying to point out her obsessiveness I said, "Mama, you make everyone play tennis. You make me play tennis, you make Lucy play tennis, you make George play tennis. If Chuck (my then 75 y.o. grandmother) lived with us you'd make her play too. You'd make the Pope play tennis."

With all that said, I did join my neighbor's ladies tennis team and have played for the past two seasons. I love it and I'm so glad my mother was persistent. This picture of me was taken this past Wednesday night after I played my last match of the season.

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